Gigarelin rX is a unique GHR product, its effects surpass all existing products and supplements, Gigarelin is the real key to the highest level of health, body, shape, youthfulness, vitality and regeneration.

Innovative technologies

High absorption capacity and absorption of active substances


100% Natural Product

The best way to increase your own growth hormone levels


Increase in HGH, IGF-1

The duration of HGH segregation lasts for 2-3 hours and increases IGF-1 to 60%!

Universal product

Great for both sexes with a beneficial amount of beneficial effects and benefits

Gigarelin is a completely safe product, because all processes take place in the body on the natural basis of the body of its own hormones, which it produces and tolerates very well, and with the right recommended use and dosage, Gigarelin is absolutely without any side effects, which is one of its many great Properties. Indeed, no previous HGH tablet stimulant can compete in efficacy and efficiency with Gigarelin. Forget all the other GHR tablet products to date because Gigarelin rX is here now.

Scientific studies

The key factor for anabolic and regenerative effects is the overall level and production of the significant hormone IGF-1. Scientific studies by a team of scientists have clearly demonstrated that the overall IGF-1 level is directly proportional to the length and time of HGH segregation. For example, tests have found that an injected dose of GHR GHRP-2 peptide, which causes a significant increase in HGH levels in the body for 50-100 minutes, resulted in significantly lower IGF-1 levels compared to the level that 2 Gigarelin tablets could provide, which causes a significant increase in HGH levels in the body for up to 120-180 minutes. Thus, due to the longer effect on HGH segregation, Gigarelin can provide even stronger effects than conventional doses of injected GHR peptides! In addition, a very important fact is that the endogenous growth hormone produced in the body by stimulating the use of Gigarelin is much more natural to the body and often safer than any exogenous artificial growth hormone. Because it is the body's own hormone, it is several times better received, tolerated and tolerated by the body.

HGH (growth hormone) is indeed a key hormone for humans. Its deficiency will have a very negative impact on the overall health, rapid deterioration of the condition, performance and appearance of the human body. The production of natural growth hormone continues to decline with age in the body, and its inadequate level may begin to manifest in humans as early as 20 years of life. The main reaction of the body to the decline of HGH is the desired aging process for anyone. For example, at the age of 25, a healthy individual's body produces an average of approximately 600 micrograms of endogenous HGH daily. However, for a 60-year-old, this production will drop to as little as 90 micrograms a day, which is less than 15% of a healthy young person's production. Medical science has clearly demonstrated, and today no one doubts that the decline in HGH production is directly related to how quickly your body ages. Of course, aging is accompanied by all the well-known negative phenomena: deterioration of fitness, endurance and performance, loss of muscle and strength, accumulation of body fat, impaired regeneration, increased fatigue and exhaustion, impaired mental performance and memory, visual aging of the body - wrinkle formation, reduced quality of skin, hair and nails, deterioration of all internal organs, overall health deterioration, more frequent all diseases, including severe cardiovascular disease. In addition, today's often unhealthy and hectic lifestyle contributes to a more rapid decline in HGH (growth hormone) production, and the often low level of HGH production typical of 60-year-olds now reaches forty! However, Gigarelin is the best and most effective solution in this respect! Thanks to Gigarelin you now have the possibility to slow down and suppress the aging process, respectively. achieve very efficiently and significantly rejuvenate your body. It is clear from the studies that long-term use of Gigarelin can extend human life by more than 20-30 years! Or in other words, look and feel in the seventies like 45! Gigarelin in many ways greatly improves overall quality and improves your life, is the best contemporary versatile muscle building product, great physical and mental condition, overall health, body beauty, youthful appearance, excellent regeneration, energy and vitality!

Stronger than GHR Peptides!

Gigarelin is an even more effective and powerful HGH stimulant with a longer duration of action and growth hormone segregation than GHR injected peptides and combinations thereof.

After taking Gigarelin, the level of HGH in the blood reaches 20-40 ng / ml (depending on the number of tablets used and the condition of the pituitary gland), while the duration of HGH segregation is 2-3 hours and up to 60% increase in IGF-1! They are even higher than those achieved after standard injection of GHR peptides or as a therapeutic dose of exogenous (synthetic) growth hormone!


Your dreams and ideals of a perfect single universal and high-efficiency supplement have been materialized into this unique product that can completely replace everything else you have tried so far!

Gigarelin strongly promotes the growth of new muscle mass and strength, endurance and performance

  • not only very efficiently increases the level of natural growth hormone to the optimal level, but also supports the formation of endogenous testosterone, better pumping and blood supply to the muscles
  • has a strong anabolic effect (efficiently supports protein synthesis, hyperplasia and hypertrophy of muscle cells) without simultaneous undesirable androgenic effects, and strong anticatabolic effects (helps protect muscle mass from degradation, and keep athletes attained physical condition and muscle even when they are not training)
  • effectively improves muscle hardness, quality, definition, relief and density
  • significantly increases performance and endurance, and leads to an overall and significant improvement in your physical condition
  • effectively improves body metabolism and helps burn unwanted body fat, which at the same time can make the body use it as a source of extra energy for your training and performance
  • it brings a very good and highly-effective regeneration of not only muscle mass after a hard workout, but also a total excellent regeneration and recovery of the whole body, including all internal organs
  • has a very strong anti-aging effect, suppresses natural aging, helps maintain a youthful appearance and body condition
  • helps smooth wrinkles, improves skin, hair and nail quality, increases bone density and helps maintain healthy joints, cartilage and connective tissue
  • it greatly strengthens and improves the immune system as well as resistance to civilization diseases, is generally very beneficial for human health
  • significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (vascular disease, brain and heart disease), effectively helps lower cholesterol and the likelihood that you will spend the last years of your life in a nursing home
  • increases libido and sexual performance, promotes stronger and longer-lasting erections
  • has a beneficial effect on improving brain activity, cognitive performance (learning ability), memory, overall mental performance and mental health
  • brings a distinctive feeling of physical and mental freshness, overall well-being, energy and vitality, thanks to Gigarelin, you will wake up to every new day fresh and full of energy like never before

Gigarelin is primarily developed and designed mainly for athletes and bodybuilders

however, it is such a great and versatile body-beneficial product with many beneficial effects and benefits that it is equally suitable and excellent for all other people over the age of 18. From heavily physically and mentally working ordinary people to non-athletes, through women, models, to sick, weak and seniors. The difference, of course, will be in the size of the optimal daily dose, which is determined by the desired goals, purpose of use, and individual physical parameters of the individual (age, height, weight).


The secret of the high efficiency and unmatched effectiveness of Gigarelin lies in its extremely high absorption capacity and absorption of the active substances through the small intestine into the blood of the bed. In order for an orally administered product to work and function well, it is primarily a prerequisite and an absolute necessity that the maximum of its active ingredients really reaches the blood. Several years of experience in precision, costly and persistent research by a team of top scientists and experts in the fields of enzymology, oral peptides and biology have been utilized in the design of Gigarelin. Until now, no other scientific team has ever developed such a sophisticated and sophisticated absorption system as the one currently used by Gigarelin rX. Incredible results have been achieved through a sophisticated combination of all the most effective methods and factors that have stimulated segregation of endogenous HGH.


All other HGH tablet formulations that have so far appeared on the market had one very large and limit degrading deficiency. Their effectiveness and absorbability were very low, almost negligible, reaching only 2 - 8%, making them very inefficient and inefficient products, with a very weak effect, only a small portion of 2-8% of the total orally effective the GHR peptides, indeed, came to the blood where it could work, and most of the dose was broken down and damaged already through the stomach, without any effect and effect.


Buyers reviews

I am 40 years old, I suffer from acne, I practice 3-4 days a week, and it suits me for the best effect of taking a 2-day day-maintenance status and when I need to look really nice (beautifully smoothed skin and visibly fresh look !!) I'll take 3tbl. I sleep well and regenerate quite quickly after training
Míša, Hradec Králové



Only for a limited time, when you purchase 2 or more Gigarelin-rX bottles, you will receive MELATONIN FOR FREE! Melatonin is especially important for athletes who want to gain muscle mass and strength, because higher levels of melatonin in the blood during sleep means not only deeper sleep, but also more washed out growth hormone - somatropin at night. Melatonin is able to slow down the aging process and promote perfect body regeneration during the night.

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Satisfaction Guarantee!

14 days free return, just contact customer support within 14 days for return instructions. This warranty covers one used and all unused packaging in the sales condition. With our money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.


The daily recommended dose of Gigarelin is 2-5 tablets, depending on your body weight, height, age and most importantly the desired goals and purposes of use. For a strong anabolic effect, we recommend bodybuilders a daily dose of 3-5 tablets. For regeneration and anti-aging effects, most people have a daily dose of 2 tablets. For best effect, it is recommended to take 2 to 6 months continuously. This should be followed by a break of at least 1 month, after which you can continue with the next new cycle.

When to use

Take 1-2 tablets twice a day
One morning and the other before sleep.
Take the first dose before training in training days. Do not exceed
five tablets in 24 hours.

How to use

Take 1-2 tablets at once with water.
Drink at least 200-400 ml of water.
Do not eat food between 15-30 minutes
after taking, 1-2 hours to avoid carbohydrate intake.


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